Danvers Utilities and Services
Gas Company    Nicor     1-800-642-6748
Electricity   Ameren IP     800-755-5000
BEFORE YOU DIG - CALL J.U.L.I.E.    1-800-892-0123    or   811
Telephone Cable & Internet

Frontier                1-855-242-9949
Media Comm        1-800-874-2991
Post Office    309-963-4327
Danvers Public Works Dept

New Water Service

Emergency Contacts   Contact Chris Siscoe  Phone 309-963-4966   M-F 7am-3:30pm
For after hours WATER emergencies call 309-963-2029 or 309-261-3315
Garbage Pickup    Area Disposal Service  309-821-9743

CURBSIDE RECYCLING-- Every other Wednesday
(delayed until Thursday for Holidays)

When is garbage pick up?
Every Wednesday Morning.  

When is Bulk Pickup?
Bulky items will be picked up at no cost during the first pickup of each month.
For bulky pickup other than the first pickup of the month, please
call our office at 309-821-9743.   There will be a $30 charge per item.  
You must call 24 hours in advance.

How much garbage can I put out each week?
Limited to what fits in your cart.  
When can I put my garbage on the curb?
The Village ordinance allows you to place your garbage at the curb no earlier than the night before garbage pick-up.
How do I get rid of large items?
Call for information on white goods(appliances) and other large items

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